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Game mechanics

  • [O] - Optional - this mode can be turned off or on in config file
  • [D] - Default - Despite being optional this mode is considered the default BtW setting and is recommended for proper and balanced BtW experience.
Change Summary
Hardcore Armor Metal and diamond armor have weight. Heavier armor makes the play grow hungry faster. Too much heavy armor will cause the player to sink in water.
Hardcore Beacons Major change in how Beacon work
Hardcore Bonemeal Bonemeal no longer forces growth (except for tall grass and flowers), but will instead increase the rate at which crops grow (approximately 2 times faster).
Hardcore Bouncing Players cannot place blocks while jumping or falling.
Hardcore Bucket Buckets cannot place source blocks or pick up lava, but can collect flowing water.
Hardcore Buoy [O][D] Causes some items to float, some to sink, and some to be neutrally buoyant based on their density.
Hardcore Chests Ender Chests behave like normal chests unless placed on an ender block beacon.
Hardcore Chicken Chickens cannot give live birth, and must be fed seeds to produce Eggs.
Hardcore Darkness Areas that are in total darkness, will appear absolutely pitch black regardless of your gamma settings and status effects for the player being in total darkness that will seriously impede the ability to function under such conditions.
Hardcore Enchanting Rebalances the vanilla enchanting table in various ways to make it a better integrated part of the BTW tech tree, and to make it feel more like a feature and less like an exploit. This feature is comprised of various changes.
Hardcore Explosives TNT is replaced with Powder Kegs, and Gunpowder must be crafted.
Hardcore Fishing Change in recipe and functionality of Fishing Rod
Hardcore Grinding Various items require a Millstone to grind them into other forms (e.g. Bones grind into bonemeal and flowers grind into dye).
Hardcore Hunger Players get hungrier faster even when doing nothing. Penalties are added for hungry and obese players.
Hardcore Info The "F3" debug display no longer displays biome info and coordinates.
Hardcore Lactation Cows and Mooshrooms can only be milked when their udders are full. Similar to sheep, they need to eat grass several times for their udders to refill.
Hardcore Melons They are now affected by gravity and can break into seeds after a long fall.
Hardcore Movement Movement speed is dependent on surface
Hardcore Nothing to Worry About There are a few tiny little insignificant things related to how various creatures react to nether exposure. Absolutely nothing to worry about here, as they like the nether lots and lots. Mmmmm, mmmm...can't get enough of that nether exposure.
Hardcore Ores Iron Ores smelt into Iron Nuggets instead of Iron Ingots.
Hardcore Player Names [O] Allows server owners to disable player name plates (intended for anarchy play).
Hardcore Redstone Vanilla recipes for redstone reactive blocks have been changed so they actually include redstone in the recipe itself. Wooden doors, trapdoors, and fencegates no longer respond to redstone.
Hardcore Sheep Dyeing sheep only works for one shearing session and must be bred for new colors.
Hardcore Sinkholes Falling blocks update when players stand on them, causing them to fall if the blocks are not supported by non-falling blocks.
Hardcore Smelting Smelting times in a furnace are determined by the item being smelted. Food cooks normally, glass is slower and costs more fuel, stone takes longer and burns more fuel than glass, and ores take the longest amount of time.
Hardcore Spawn Players will often respawn at a random location after death.
Hardcore Stratification Stone generated under Better than Wolves is separated into strata. Deeper strata are darker in color, and require better picks to mine. Ores are not affected by stratification, and only need their appropriate tool level (e.g. iron ore in the deepest strata only needs a stone pick to harvest).
Hardcore Tools and Weapons Some of the tools and weapons can't be crafted from low durability materials like wood or stone.
Hardcore Torches Torches now require a piece of coal or charcoal for every torch, and charcoal must be made in a Kiln.
Hardcore Villagers Villagers need diamonds to go into breeding mode. Iron golems can only be created by the player.
Hardcore Wood Obtaining wood and wood planks has become much less efficient without the proper tools.

Crafting Recipes

Many of the vanilla crafting recipes has been changed.

Aesthetic Blocks

Who said that BTW isn't artistic.

Miscellaneous Features

Many fun little features